Model Search Info

Dapper Canine Designs is always looking to add new models to our team! We are looking for pets of different species (dogs, bunnies, cats, ducks..), all shapes, ages and sizes big & small (that fit our bandana sizes) that have public, active accounts and regularly engage with their followers.

We are a 2 woman team, Carrie and I both have full time jobs with Dapper being our side business. We make all of our products by hand which is time consuming and we put all of our extra time into finding fabrics for collections, sewing, fulfilling orders, doing local markets and working on engaging with the community and our online followers. We are looking for genuine supporters of our growing brand, not people who are interested in free products. If you do not think you can keep up with our model requirements for the full 3 month term then please do not apply right now, there will be 3 or 4 model searches a year so there will be time to apply later. This leaves the search open for those that can commit.

All of our models start out with a 3 month term. We use this period to determine if you are a good fit for our team and a real supporter of our brand based on how much you engage with us, uniqueness of your posts & stories... Those that are committed to supporting our brand will be invited to stay with us for a longer term. If asked and you decline to stay there will be no hard feelings. We understand that situations change and we only ask that you be up front and honest with us at all times.

Model Perks:
- 1 Free Bandana with your first order.
- 25% off code for yourself.
- 15% off code for your friends & followers.
- Free Mystery Bandana when your friends & follower code is used 4 times (sent with your next order).
- Early access to new releases
- Our participation in one of your giveaways during your term, offering a free bandana not a credit as we do with outside giveaways.

- Take fun, high quality photos, the more unique the better, and we love bright in & outdoor shots. Email the unedited pictures to us to use for advertising, sharing on our social media and website to
- Post on your stories once weekly and in your feed every 2/3 weeks of your pet in their Dapper bandanas. (Stories: re-sharing from other models or our content is very appreciated but does not count as your once weekly story. We are looking for unique stories you create yourself about our brand.)
- Share your discount code on your profile; in bio or story highlights.
- Be active on Instagram & Engage with us regularly.
- The human behind the pet's account must be 16yrs old or older and able to purchase on their own.
- Share any upcoming news/events for our brand: local markets, collections releases, sales, new posts.
- Engage with us regularly; share and comment on any new posts. Participate in story polls or questions - Engagement is a must!!
- Purchase at least once, within the first week of being accepted as a model. This is non negotiable. As previously stated we are looking for true supporters of our small business and you can't really do that if you don't have any of our bandanas. We make this mandatory only after you are accepted so you can use your model code and also receive your free bandana. If you will not be able to order then please do not apply.

How to Enter
- Fill out the form in the link below, (you will have to copy and paste it into your browser), or follow the link from our Instagram bio. 

- Make a new story or post showing us what type of fun content we can expect from you along with a short description on why you want to represent us. Be sure to use #dappersummer21 so we see your post!

-Tag 3 pet accounts on the Instagram model search post to spread the news of our search! (Do not tag random friends or current models please)